Serverspace: Fastest, Secure And Fault-Tolerant Cloud Computing On-demand Solution.

Serverspace is an ideal online cloud IT infrastructure, server, storage, database, network, software, etc. Our services are the provision of information processing services such as on the internet. Cloud servers technology, which is a “cloud IT infrastructure rental service”, makes it possible to easily access your data stored on virtual servers from anywhere and on all devices.

We have defined cloud computing IT infrastructure as a model that provides network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be quickly retrieved and released with low management effort or service provider interaction, on-demand and in an appropriate manner.

Serverspace cloud computing technology is based on using the installed systems in software and hardware facilities over the internet for low fees, rather than dividing them within the company by making huge investments in software, hardware, personnel, and training.

Our capabilities

Cloud computing is very easy than you think. In just a few clicks, you can easily post an effective IT infrastructure in the great data centers in the world with Serverspace. Our cloud computing is an IT infrastructure designed to use system resources over the internet with the support of the service provider to reduce the labor and costs spent.

In our cloud computing IT infrastructure rental service, some risks and responsibilities are given to the service provider, depending on its type. The most important advantages of cloud computing are cost reduction, flexibility, resource management, and ease of management of systems, as well as shared resource use in some models, management of systems by others, dependency, accessibility, etc.

In cases where the integrity, confidentiality, and security of data are important, Serverspace businesses are monitoring the cloud services they receive and secure themselves through contracts.


  • What is Serverspace management, what is its scope and managed services?

In its simplest definition, Serverspace management is the management of the servers while ensuring the healthy and proper functioning of the servers to which the websites or other applications are connected.

  • Virtualization Solutions from Serverspace, 

Efficiency is one of the most important issues of the digital age we are in. Data centers also have a wide range of actions in terms of efficiency due to their nature.

  • Strategic choice of cloud IT infrastructure

Serverspace is a strategic choice of cloud IT infrastructure rental service. Fast internet access, security, uninterrupted energy, and resistance to natural disasters are just some of the reasons why this location is preferred due to its proximity to fiber and metro network infrastructure.

  • We Have Separated For Your Friend, We Are A Little Favored!

It continues to ——- fastest-growing cloud IT infrastructure Serverspace advantageous campaign. By bringing your friends to Serverspace with the “Don’t Separate Friends” campaign, you can get a discount on the hosting service you purchase from it. It is very easy to fulfill the terms of the campaign.

  • Now is the Time to Move to Serverspace!

This is the right time to move to our cloud IT infrastructure data center with our advantageous transport campaign. You can move your servers to our data center free of charge with the help of our professional team and benefit from very advantageous hosting prices. After you decide to move your servers, it’s easy!

Today, with the increase in the number of companies providing online Сloud IT infrastructure rental services and the development of internet infrastructures, the rate of use of cloud computing is increasing in direct proportion. According to the type of service provided in cloud computing; our services are offered in different ways including public cloud, private cloud, community cloud, and hybrid cloud.

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