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The Most Eclectic Virtual Workshop Platform to Use

Working remotely is only possible with the many tools that allow for harmonious collaboration. When you hold a virtual workshop on a platform, you want that platform to provide everything you need to make it possible. Hopping from one platform to another to work on various things in your virtual workshop requires a lot of unnecessary logistics, especially since many virtual workshop platforms like Klaxoon offer everything in one package. 

In this article, we’ll learn why Klaxoon is the most eclectic virtual workshop platform and why you should definitely use it. 

What is Klaxoon?

Klaxoon is the collaborative and hybrid workshop platform used by millions of teams worldwide. Klaxoon is adopted by thousands of IT companies and all sorts of organizations. Among the giants that use Klaxoon include Microsoft and Harvard Business School

Among the many awards that Klaxoon boasts with include the Microsoft Award

Best User Experience and the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Apps & solutions for Microsoft Teams.

The Klaxoon workshop platform combines all the essential features you need to organize successful collaboration and harmonious teamwork. 

The collection of features and services that Klaxoon offers include whiteboarding, dynamic presentations, chat and communication tools, screen sharing, save and export capabilities, information sharing from any source, automated reporting, integrated video conferencing, and other extra features that you’ll definitely appreciate exploring. 

Klaxoon is also capable of supporting multiple integrations that make it more versatile. For example, you can integrate Klaxoon with Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Dropbox. 

Working with Klaxoon

When you’re collaborating on a project virtually, the last thing you want is to confuse your team with all the platforms to use for the various tasks. What you want instead is a platform that gathers everything in one place. 

Working with Klaxoon allows you to integrate various features into your virtual workshop without having to use other platforms. 

Instead of using one platform to host your live chat, a platform for a whiteboard, and other tools for the various graph, surveys, and whatnot, Klaxoon offers the whole package. 

Klaxoon also includes free templates that make it super easy to organize any type of workshop you want to hold. 

Simply put, working with Klaxoon makes it very simple to hold virtual workshops using only one service. 

Klaxoon Workshop Platform Allows for Seamless Collaboration 

Klaxoon is about making harmonious teamwork seamless. All the participants can be active during the virtual brainstorming session instead of just being spectators. Using polling, challenges, and word clouds allow for real-time exchange of feedback, which makes collaboration and constructive teamwork more seamless. 

Nothing beats a good tool such as the workshop platform of Klaxoon when it comes to providing all the necessary tools you and your team need to collaborate constructively. With all the features Klaxoon has, it will be a lot easier to coordinate and collectively work on projects. 


You can actually use the workshop platform for Klaxoon for free if you have a small team that doesn’t exceed 15 people and don’t usually need more than 30 minutes per video conference session. 

However, if you’re in need of to go pro, you can sign up for a monthly subscription at approximately $14. With the pro subscription, you’ll have unlimited time for video conferences and up to 100 participants. 

As for big enterprises, you’ll need to customize your subscription with Klaxoon by contacting them

Bottom Line

To put it shortly, Klaxoon is your go-to platform for virtual workshops. Klaxoon has all the necessary tools you need to make your online workshops run smoothly. If you’re looking for the best platform to showcase the talents of all the members of your team, Klaxoon is definitely worth the try. 

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