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Pressable Review: Is Pressable Worth it?  

Dealing with performance problems, updates, scalability, or WordPress security issues makes running a website sometimes nightmarish. That’s why managed hosting plans like Pressable are crucial nowadays. 

When your business isn’t related to tech, you might struggle with having your website up and functioning. Managed WordPress hosting takes that burden out of your shoulders by taking care of all the technicalities of keeping your website up to date, available, and secure all the time. 

While there are many managed WordPress Hosting plans out there, not all of them are worth it. So, why is Pressable more valuable than other companies. Let’s find out why Pressable is worth your money!

What is Pressable?

In 2010, Vid Luther founded a company under the name ZippyKid, which they changed later to Pressable. The old name proved to be confusing and bad for marketing purposes. On the other hand, Pressable proved to be a clever name for a WordPress hosting company, which served them well.

Located in San Antonio (TX, USA), Pressable provides hosting plans for startups, medium-sized companies, and even big corporations. Some of their notable clients include the giant: Whirlpool.

Pressable’s data centers and networking infrastructure are based on the Rackspace cloud computing network. Rackspace is one of the most important companies in their business.

More about Pressable. 

What are Pressable’s Plans and Pricing?

Pressable offers plans suitable for individuals, small and medium-sized companies, and also enterprise-level plans that you can customize.

The prices start at $19 per month, which is suitable for a personal website. However, depending on the size of data on your website and business, you might want to go for advanced plans. For example, high-traffic sites will not be able to function correctly with the $19 plan.  

For example, if your website receives more than 1,000,000 visits per month, you need to have the $350 plan to support that high traffic. You also get more storage with that plan, and 50 WordPress installs, among other Pressable features.

More information about Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting plans.

Pressable Features

Pressable offers a good deal of good features for running a website smoothly. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that such things as managed hosting plans exist since it’s really complicated to keep a website running. Part of the struggle with keeping a website performing well comes from having to deal with so many unrelated things. 

Hosting companies such as Pressable offer a great solution to all of those aspects of running a website by including extra services with their plans; that’s why they’re called managed WordPress hosting companies. They don’t just host your website; they also manage it. 

All Pressable managed WP hosting plans come with the following features:

  • Free WP101 training
  • You get max Content Delivery Network for free, which guarantees good performance from all over the globe;
  • You get free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt;
  • Site access and upload via SFTP;
  • If anything goes wrong, you can restore your site from the backups Pressable keeps of your database;
  • Pressable takes care of your updates;
  • Pressable performs scans, removals, and uses a web application firewall to ensure your site is secure;
  • Protection against cyber-attacks;
  • You get dedicated WordPress support: 

Pressable’s hosting plans come with various pre-installed plugins like Akismet, Jetpack, VaultPress, Batcache,, and more to help you start up or improve your migrated website. 

So, you shed a heavy burden when you deliver all the responsibility to Pressable by subscribing to one of their plans that suit you the most. Perhaps a burden that you weren’t even aware of before you decided to create a website. 

Conclusion: Is Pressable Worth it?

Surely, if you’re looking for a WordPress hosting plan or want to replace the one you already have, Pressable should be one of the options you should consider. The whole motto of Pressable is to give you the freedom to run a website without dealing with all the tedious stuff that sucks the energy out of your soul.

If you’re into the general idea, you should consider starting with one of their cheaper plans and see if you like the general idea. 

In case you’re a small business or a big company, I’m sure Pressable won’t ever disappoint you. You’ll get your money’s worth and more. Part of what makes Pressable so appealing compared to their competitors is their extremely professional and proficient nature. 

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with Pressable as you Managed WordPress hosting plan.

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