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6 Clever Steps to Market Your Business for Less Than $100

6 Clever Steps to Market Your Business for Less Than $100

You certainly want to market a business with a budget of less than $100. A person without any understanding of the market will not get ready to agree with you that the business with such a little amount can be marketed. However, business experts strongly believe that it is possible. You can market your small business with an amount of less than $ 100 dollars however you have to follow some of the easy steps to follow to start up a small business with a little amount.

1-Market the Popular Brands

Today popular online outlets sell hundreds of products all over the world. They do business for billions of dollars annually. They need the promotion of their products. You can join them as a promotional agent. You can earn a huge commission beyond your expectations. For instance, if you join you start promoting their product through your social media sources including Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube to promote the product of the particular outlet. Also, you can start writing blogs to promote the products. The people will open the link sent by you and your commission will increase side by side.

2-Market Your Own Business with Emails

You have started a small business and you want to promote your business online. You need to have a business website that can be developed with the help of your friend who has a web development know-how. Also, you can seek support from youtube. You find hundreds of tutorials teaching you how to develop a business website. Having started a business website, you can use the send emails on hundreds of links a day to let people know what you sell. The email is an easy way to communicate with people. The people also respond if your content is interesting and you convince them to buy your product. Your given link will take them to your business website. You can better market your product with email services.

3-SEO is the Viable Marketing Strategy

It is an era of the internet. The people stay in touch with the internet day in, day out. Hundreds and thousands of people buy products online. They search for different items to know about their price and features. The search-engines play a great role in this regard. The companies and outlets want to rank high in the popular search engines to be searched by as many as millions of people every day. You need to create highly impressive content on your website to rank high in the popular search engine. This is how your link will be opened by too many people every day and your products will be introduced and sold to too many people regularly.

4-Maintain Good Relations with Your Customers

You can also strengthen your marketing by staying in touch with your customers. For instance, you develop a Facebook page or any other source of social media to market your product. You can market your product on your social media page. Your customers will comment on your product. You need to read them carefully and respond very wisely to build up your confidence among your customers. Your positive and satisfactory reply maintains your good relationship with your customers.

5-Make Short Videos about your Product

You can market your product with a limited budget indeed. You have to spend no or less than $100 to market your product easily. Making introductory videos these days has been a popular trend. People all over the world are making use of this technique and earning a lot of money. Some of the important things, however, have to be kept in mind that your video should be short and interesting. Long and boring videos are skipped by people. A little bit of fun attracts the attention of the people as well. The smile on people’s faces is a sure sign of your product’s successful marketing.

6-Conduct Surveys

These days it has been a common trend to promote products with surveys. You can also utilize this technique. For instance, you conduct any kind of survey through social media or email service. You have to make a questionnaire about anything; even you can make a questionnaire about your product and its uses as well. The people answer the question and also want to know about the organizer of the survey. Your introduction to the questionnaire takes them to your business website and your business promotional purpose is fulfilled.


Marketing your business with less than $100 is not a dream but a reality. You can promote your business with a limited budget in a short span of time. You just need to adopt some of the viable strategies to do so. The strategies above-mentioned are viable indeed and thousands of people are utilizing them to promote their businesses online with no or limited budget.

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