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Simple Ways to Be Happier and Productive at Work

Simple Ways to Be Happier and Productive at Work

Happiness greatly affects the level of employee productivity and having a happy office atmosphere is also very important. That’s why being happy and productive are two elements that must come together. In this article, I will give some concrete ways to increase the feeling of happiness in doing your work.

People who are satisfied and happy with their lives will be more eager to work. Then what exactly makes a person feel satisfied with his job? Men say what makes them feel satisfied and love their job is compensation and bonuses. Meanwhile, women said flexibility, workload, and comfort with colleagues in the office. This indicates that the definition of job satisfaction between men and women is different from one another. What do Millennials think about job satisfaction? 64% of them say firmly that job satisfaction is more important than getting a high salary but you don’t have a sense of satisfaction at work and even feel very bored doing it.

Workers worldwide believe that you will be satisfied with your work if you do the following:

  • Build a Positive Mood in the Morning

The feeling of being happy when you open the morning will affect your mood throughout the day. So, you should try to make the start of the day feel good by doing happy things. If you like exercising, then taking a stroll or jogging will be fun and refreshing. According to research, by breathing fresh air for 20 minutes, while walking or running, you will feel happy.

Meanwhile, if you are a coffee connoisseur, then open the day by sipping a cup of morning coffee. But this time, you have to focus on enjoying the coffee and absorbing the taste, without doing anything else.

  • Walking in the Morning Sun

For office workers, meeting the sun is almost rare. Because when leaving, maybe just 5 to 10 minutes can enjoy direct sunlight because you have to continue your journey by vehicle. Meanwhile, when you go home from work, the sun will already set.

Basically, the opportunity to walk in the morning sun can make you feel happier. Therefore, for those of you whose work location is quite close, you can use public transportation, so you can feel the morning sun.

  • Stay active and flexible

Today’s success requires the ability to keep rethinking, refreshing, reacting, and reinventing you every day. Stay loose and supple in your thinking and be open to change.

  • Feel comfortable before starting work

A study says that if we feel happy and comfortable before starting work, then we will give far better results than others. Therefore, you must have a calm, comfortable, and happy mood before you start your work. Do things that make you happy before you have to work smart? 

  • Believe in yourself

Thinking positively about your abilities will have concrete results in your efforts so far. Those who truly believe that they can achieve what they aspire to will really give a great performance in the office. 

  • Don’t Force Yourself

In the world of work, hard work needs to be applied. But that doesn’t mean you keep forgetting to take breaks because of work. 

So, arrange the time so that when it comes to resting time, we can enjoy calm, quality rest. In fact, if necessary, start giving small rewards to ourselves because according to a study conducted by Cornel, small appreciation for ourselves is still capable of making us a person who is friendly, generous, and full of happiness.

  • Not to compare ourselves with other people

Speaking of performance, I believe it varies. The thing to remember is not to compare ourselves with other people. Because there is a possibility that this will hold us back. Be confident and just do what you have to do!

  • Connect your work to your intrinsic values

To be happier at work, it’s a good idea to connect your work with your intrinsic values. Even if your job doesn’t have a big purpose, you can live your values. This includes treating others well, teaching others, doing your job with positive intentions, doing your best, working hard, and doing well to be a model for your children or your family.

Last words

Happiness and productivity, of course, go hand in hand with one another. Those are some ways to be happy and productive in the office that you can do. Thus, of course, you can focus more on working and give maximum results. So your health is maintained, you will feel happier and the work is done optimally.

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