The Best Magic Phrases That Will Make You More Persuasive

Nothing more persuasive has yet been invented than words; they are the basis of maximum persuasive phrases. Words awaken emotions, make us experience intense sensations; make us dream, laugh, and cry and feel…

This emotional torrent prepares the purchase ground, triggers the desire of our client, makes us transmit confidence, and even makes us irresistible.

Yes, persuasive phrases are a great power that comes with great responsibility. These super words sell because they touch our emotional fibers and activate us. But not just any word will do, only those that have a great emotional charge. You need a list of super selling words.

For you to hit the key of persuasive communication, we are going to tell you the best phrases with the most persuasion. We guarantee that they make you more persuasive.

How open are you?

In the book, Dream Teams, author Shane Snow conducted a study with thousands of workers to assess how open they thought they were. The results showed that a whopping 95 percent of the participants considered themselves more open than the average person.

This number may sound ridiculous. But we have yet to come across someone who openly admits that they are closed-minded.

Remember that nothing is impossible

Here is one of the most beautiful words of persuasive, It always arises impossible until it is done. Containing a whole universe of meaning it is a simple statement. Mainly because it was spoken by such a special person.

Nelson Mandela is the perfect example to show that nothing is impossible. He spent thirty years of his life in prison and, upon his release, did everything to change the reality of his country. What was beyond the bounds of possibility for many has in the end become actual.

Our own strength

We all have enormous inner strength. However, not every one of us is aware of it. Maybe because we haven’t seen it yet, because we refuse to see it. Or because we are going through a difficult time that prevents us from seeing that we are capable of doing anything, contrary to what we may believe.

Through one of his persuasive phrases, Benjamin explains to us. He says:  that, which has not faced misfortune, does not know his own power.

Be happy all the time

Sometimes we tend to think that happiness is in one place and when we get there, we will feel it. It could be a place of material success, of wonderful love, or just a change of circumstances. However, seeing it this way is a mistake.

With what you have, learned to be happy with this. This means that happiness should not be put off until later. It is a feeling that comes from within and does not depend on what we are successful in doing or not.

Affection is worth gold

What gives us hope and persuades us to move ahead is the feeling of the people on every side of us. During difficult times, this affection acquires great value. It is equivalent to a balm that allows us to recover and keep moving forward.

This truth is found in a sentence by Albert who indicates:  “Sometimes our light goes out but it is then rekindled through an instantaneous flame thanks to our encounter with another human being”. A hug or a loving word can bring us light and clarity.

Continue, always continue

One of the oldest persuasive phrases was written by a famous writer, who said,  “It doesn’t matter if you go slowly, as long as you don’t stop.” This is categorical information that contains an immense truth. The only possible instruction is to continue, no matter what.

If we think about it carefully, nothing that we achieve quickly is really solid. The most valuable and actual things in life are built step by step. And sometimes against all circumstances. This is where we need to stay upright and not collapse.

There is always something to do

When you have worn out all the chance, remember this: no, you have not to beat them all. One of the greatest examples of perseverance is Edison. He did the same experiment a thousand times until it worked.

Edison’s phrase is one of those persuasive phrases that invite us to seek new paths when we feel like we no longer see them. It also invites us to create, to constantly imagine new possible solutions, even if things seem extremely difficult for us.

Our thoughts are responsible for everything

Thinking is one of the decisive aspects of life. Everything that happens to us depends on what’s on our minds. Reality is first built in our minds and then takes real form.

We will be always where there our thoughts will be taken us. It is absolutely right. Our reality will be built according to what is in our minds.

Final Statement

All of these persuasive phrases are a powerful weapon when we are going through difficult times. Their power is to remind us that we can be perfectly happy. That we can achieve anything we want. And that continuing to move ahead is worth it.

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