How to Prepare Yourself for The Job Interview with the Right Questions

You must have heard that “first impression is the last impression” in any case. In an interview, this first impression is everything on which it depends that you will be recruited for the desired job position or not. Preparing for an interview is not just googling a list of common questions that can be asked according to the job vacancy you got a call for. 

Your interview begins right after you open the door and enter the interview room. Your appearance matters the most as it is the first thing that the interviewee notice in you when you came. You should be well dressed, no wrinkly suits at all, shoes should be polished, and well-combed hair. These are the things that will get noticed first. So, appearance-wise your first impression should be great.

Then your actual interview begins for which you should know exactly how to convey that you are the perfect fit for the required job position. You should have considerable knowledge of your target company and its product. Asking some thoughtful questions in an interview can be a game-changer for you because it can showcase your talent in real-time. 

You get a chance to learn about the company and position as well as the team and managers you would be working with and your questions should be smart enough to explore all this during the interview. Also, your questions should show your potential managers and colleagues how your mind works and that’s very important. You should be wise enough to set yourself up for success with your pre-interview preparation.

Here’s a compiled list of all-time best interview tips that will help you get prepared for the interview beforehand. We’ve got you all covered from packing your briefcase to strategizing about how to tackle the toughest questions in an interview to make sure you bring you’re A-game.

Do some homework and know your audience

Always start with googling stuff about the company. Spend a few hours and learn everything you can about the company from as many sources possible on the internet. Check their website, the Facebook page, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, everything about them on social media. Read current news releases about the company and talk to friends and contacts to learn about the company and its products. Most of the time, candidates just go through the information a company is extending via the website and social media but fail to know the depth and details about it through what others are saying. By doing this, you can come up with the larger picture of the company along with any negative press releases about it. 

Your main goal should be to go in with a good understanding of the company and its products, how they brand and present themselves in the market, and their value in the market. Get knowledge of what they choose to emphasize their products and in what features of the product they dominate. You can then use this information to ask targeted questions during your interview. You are going to give the impression that you have done some work and come prepared for the interview when you can connect what you have learned about the company to your questions.

Get to know about “who” the company is and how to represent yourself as a similar personality during the interview to impress them. The tone of the company’s content on their blog and Facebook page speaks volumes. Start by reading about the company on these sites. And also, do give a read to individual employees’ blogs to figure out what type of people work and excel there. These things matter a lot.

Try to get a list of the people you are going to meet with from the company, before your interview. Then, try to learn more about them including what type of behavior might fascinate them or turn them off. In the end, prepare some questions that are peculiar to each interviewer like you can discuss current events on his specialty, ask his/her focus at the firm or come up with a common interest you know he or she has outside the office. Ask them about anything you feel relevant and interesting.

Do mock interviews with your friends or anyone to get yourself prepared for the interview and to achieve a good level of confidence before the day of the interview.

Anticipate the interview questions and go prepared

  • Know that the first part of the interview is about you. There are some questions that you should be ready to answer right away confidently like tell me about yourself, what’s your biggest weakness, what’s your strength, why are you interested in this particular role and company, etc. Interviewers always ask such questions, and you must be ready to nail this first part of the interview.
  • You can find lists of common interview questions easily on the internet. Make a few notes or bullet points and keep them on hand for the interview day. Make sure you cover the bases. Don’t write entire answers, points would be enough.
  • Prepare yourself about these questions by looking in the mirror and answering yourself and doing mock interviews.

Get your head in the right place and stay confident

  • Before the interview, don’t rehearse questions, but reflect on your career to date. It will be much easier to apply examples to any interview question when you know your story inside and out.
  • Make your go-to phrase ready that’ll help you avoid long pause if you need time to gather your thoughts like “That is a great question. I think I would say…”
  • Listen to the questions carefully and draw out questions from their content. They will be impressed with your ability to connect with them and understand things well.

So, these are a few questions and tips to prepare you for your interview. If you do good research on the company and go prepared with the first part of the interview that is about you, then you are surely going to ace it. Good luck with your interview.

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