Ignite Your Productivity And Get More Done In Less Deep Work.

You certainly want to improve your productivity in day to day life. You need to concentrate on deep work; putting aside the shallow work. Mostly, it so happens that you complete a task without deep concentration. Deep work means getting focused or concentrate on the work deeply to understand not only the work but also its essence. How to develop the habit of deep work is the common question asked by the youth in particular. Let’s understand how to develop the habit of deep work.

1-Select a creative task

The deep work requires creative work to be done with deep concentration. For instance, you take the task of developing a mobile phone app. You have the option of adding many useful features to the app; you want to make a unique app that gets viral overnight. To do such creative work you have to be much focused. The app may take weeks or months to develop. However, your persistent and hard work are the two major factor that helps you achieve your goals.

2-Deep Work Requires Time

The first demand of deep work is the time that you have to spend to do the deep work. Undoubtedly, creative work is only done when you spend time in thinking. You conceive an idea. You bring about your idea. Practically you fail but you don’t lose hope. Again the same task is done with minor alteration but the result is almost the same. You still don’t lose hope. You can take the example Thomas Addison who made too many experiments to make an electric bulb. Despite facing failure many times, he did not quit and eventually the bulb electric bulb came into being.

3-Set a work schedule and routine

The deep work needs schedule and routine. You have to get involved in deep work by separating some special time out of your daily routine. Setting some goals in front of you, you can start working for it according to a schedule and routine. You may have to spend many weeks, months or years to achieve your goals. Eventually, the success will be yours if you remain persistent.   

4-Undertake a Task that Assumes Importance

You are willing to do some deep work. You have to undertake such a task that assumes some importance for you and others. It means if you explore something; its results should be beneficial for others. Your time, creativity and your hard effort should produce something worthwhile. As has been mentioned above that developing an app is a creative work as well as a highly beneficial service for the people. Your deep work earns you fame, honor, and money as well.

5-Be more efficient

You certainly consume much time to achieve your goals getting involved in the deep work. Also, you produce some unique things with great effort. However, you need to be more efficient to consume less time producing great things. In other words, you need to be more productive with time. You can be more productive when you learn from your mistakes and avoid a similar mistake in the next task you undertake.

6-Avoid the Irrelevant Activities

If you want to improve your productivity and you want to work more in less time, you need to avoid activity irrelevant to your work. For instance, you need to avoid sitting in front of the TV for hours watching unnecessary programs. Also, you need to avoid getting a stay in touch with social media for long hours. As the youngsters of today consume time on social media unnecessarily, putting aside their educational activities.  

7-Recreation is also necessary

Undoubtedly the creative work or deep work demands of you more time and effort; however, you cannot deny the importance of recreational activities. You need to understand that if you stay deeply involved in an activity for long hours your brain demands relaxation. The working capacity of yours starts getting decreased if the rest is not taken or the sound sleep is not taken or you don’t go for an outing. To do the deep work more diligently you have to spend some time in recreational activities. You can watch a movie, visit your friend, and spend some time with your dear and near ones or you can play a game of your interest. Once you spend some time in such activities that decrease your stress level, you restart your deep work with great interest and fondness.


The deep work requires you to be more focused than ever before. You have to choose some creative activity that needs concentration and you produce something worthwhile that happens to be beneficial for you and for the other people. With time you become more productive consuming less time. The recreational activities are also necessary to release the stress that you feel after working for long hours.

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