Become An Influencer: Here Are The 5 Secrets To Get Noticed While Having Fun Online

Finding the best stuff to curate online requires the use of some tools. These are some of the tools you will find useful. These tools help with curating content for the best roundups,  and newsletters.

1. Buffer

For fast-sharing curation, Buffer is our go-to tool. With this tool, you can set up a custom schedule. You have to fill a queue with your tweets and posts and set the time to share. This is the period when you feel your posts will get the highest amount of engagements. After filling the queue, you literally have nothing left to do.

The browser extension feature allows you to get and add content with ease from anywhere online. There is a Twitter scraper feature too. This allows you to share images with your articles on Twitter. When you share an article to Twitter, Buffer suggests all the images on the page as possible features of your tweet.

2. Pocket

If you want to read online content at a later date, Pocket is the app to use. When curating content, you might want to save everything you come across to Pocket as you might not have the time then. You can then read the posts at a convenient time. Pocket strips the content down to words only so, it’s easy to read with the app. Also, you can easily share from Pocket across other social platforms.

With Pocket, you can make recommendations to people and share posts to Facebook and Twitter at once. The recommendations will show up on your followers’ feeds for them to read and comment on.  

3. Feedly

This is a robust RSS app that serves as a great curation tool. The arrival of this app has lead to an improvement in the RSS formula. With Feedly, you can get the contents you want by searching for topics and related keywords. Feedly can be easily integrated with apps from other platforms so that sharing content is easy, efficient, and fast.

If you switch to Index view on Feedly, you get to have the most viral stories to read. This is a great trick for moments when you have little or no time available to read through the whole feed.

4. Nuzzel

With Nuzzel, you can take note of what your friends and contacts are sharing on social media. This app goes through your friends’ feeds on social media and returns with the content they share. The returned content is ranked and sent to you through email daily. If you don’t have the time to go through the feeds of all your friends on social media but you would like to stay informed, this app is a must-have.

5. Good-bits

With Good bits, you don’t have to start looking for content everywhere. This is because Good bits eliminates the need for a middleman in your curation process. What you have to do with Good bits is install their browser extension. Once this is in place, you can use it to collect content. The acquired content is then automatically placed in an email that is forwarded to your subscribers according to your wish and of your volition. What a lot of people do is to connect their Good bits interface directly with RSS feeds so that they can have a steady stream of content.

Where To Find Great Content

The most important task you have as a content curator is sourcing for great content. If you are looking for where to find fantastic content, there is a list of our favorite places below.

A. Newsletters

There is value in subscribing to newsletters. There are interesting facts to learn and content to be found in these newsletters. If you are seeking a place to get content, newsletters should be on your list.

B. Community aggregators

Community aggregators are sites on their own acquire and curate content. What they do after is upvote the content for you to see. This way, you can always know the latest news.

Examples include Product Hunt, Growth Hackers, Hacker News, Inbound e.t.c.

C. Reddit

Reddit deserves a place on this list as it is a great community for content curation.

It has over 500 thousand subreddits; niche communities that are created and focused around a particular topic. There is literally almost nothing you would not find on this app.

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